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The Krönchen-Exchange program, a joint initiative from INS² and the International Office, is designed to connect students from Siegen University and international students who are coming to Siegen.


The program aims to support and offer a helping hand for incoming students. This is done foremost upon arrival. While offering a fantastic opportunity for the local students to broaden their mind by meeting interesting people from a variety of countries, the incoming students are also invited to share their experiences and give insights into their origin. For this purpose, we are always looking for new Krönchen partners who want to make new friends and contacts and we hope that you want to join us. Applicants are welcome from both sides: Students, who are already studying here at least for one semester in order to be able to guide incoming students and, of course, incoming international students so that we can set up your connection to a solid start into the new semester.


Krönchen, das – small crown (coronette), Siegen’s most iconic landmark

What's in it for you?

  • direct contact and exchange with students from other countries
  • practicing and improving your language skills, or maybe even learning a whole new language
  • an opportunity to learn about other cultures and ways
  • the possibility of obtaining a Krönchen-Exchange certificate from INS².


What is expected of you?

  • acting as contact person for questions and doubts on arrival/ other matters connected to the stay in Siegen, be available and willing to help in case of minor complications
  • being willing to accompany “your” international student on arrival, i.e. picking them up at the train station, collecting their keys and Semesterticket beforehand
  • showing them a little around Siegen, for example show them the famous “Krönchen”
  • being open minded and ready to establish contact with new cultures


How does it work?


If you are interested in being a Krönchen partner, fill out the registration form.  When you sign up, you will receive your partner's contact information at the end of August. Although we try our best to match our volunteers with partners who meet their interest and language skills profiles, we are hoping that you are open to contact with international students in general.